Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TV Therapy - Fun or Quack-tastic?

I just saw the episode where Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and brother Robert Kardashian, go to family therapy with their mother, Chris Jenner.. That sound you just heard? Was one part: my heart going squishy, and three parts: Total Jealousy.

The woman they chose to put on television as their therapist is pictured here. Her name is Dr. Nicki Montvi and she practices therapy with celebrities and most assuredly gets paid a ton of money.
Dr. Nicki Montvi, MFCT.
Whatever that is.

After appearing with the Kardashians on TV she gained a lot of attention and curiosity. She is largely shred to pieces by this helpful website.
Student Doctor Network (SDN) - This is the website that helped me research her credentials. It appears as though she earned a doctorate from a non-accredited university. Possibly an online school. As they mention on the SDN - Ph.D's are not earned in 18 months. That doesn't stop folks who go out and get those quickie Ph.D's from billing under whatever degree their license is under but advertising themselves as Doctor to make themselves look more impressive. And not explaining that to their clients because, why confuse people?

I am struggling with this Dr. Nicki. How is she able to be on television doing therapy with quite possibly the most recognized family of reality TV? A job I would seriously, if not kill for probably...probably maim for. Yeah. I've got the cojones.

As I scanned through the forum on this SDN Convo, I had mixed feelings. Dr. Nicki didn't do terrible work with the Kardashians. She clearly got through to them and facilitated a shift that desperately needed to take place. I may not agree with some of her choices outside of the therapy room, but I can't complain about the work I saw her do.

Someone watching the Kardashians in therapy saw, possibly for the first time, how therapy works, what happens in the room, what kind of things a therapist might say, what emotions might come up and how they could be handled. After seeing a family go through therapy and come out better for it, I can't help but think that may just be the push necessary to get to a therapist's office.

I don't know  if this makes me a total freak who will be black-balled from the cool kids table, but I really enjoy some of the therapy I've seen on television. In fact, some of it has directly inspired me to try things in my private practice. My personal favorite was Dr. Drew Pinsky of Celebrity Rehab's decision to bring his patients, some of whom still having withdrawl symptoms - bonus! - to a junk lot. At that lot, Dr. Drew revealed the celebs would be provided with blunt objects with which to smash and destroy a car! A whole car! Seriously - they will never forget the day they were handed a sledge-hammer and given license to dole out pure rage and destruction on an expensive and wildly, wonderfully, inappropriately awesome object.

I had a dream of re-creating that anger exercise and this past spring I got to make it come true. By having the best landlord ever I was able to provide this experience to four girls who really deserved the opportunity to kick the crap out of something. Best. Therapy. Ever!
You know you're a little jealous right now.
It's okay.

Mirrors - painted & smashed!

We fear what we do not understand. For many people the world of therapy and self-help in general is a terrifying unknown. All they have learned about the concept has been taught to them by older generations who shunned the very notion of psychology. The "stiff upper lippers" I like to call them. They are wildly out of touch yet we still find ourselves listening to them.

De-mystification is our greatest ally on the healing path. Fear stops movement, including healing and moving on

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