Monday, September 17, 2012

The Lady-Fro Question

I saw a stand-up comedian complaining about the fact that so many women nowadays shave their business instead of proudly displaying the Lady-fro's of our foremothers. He actually insisted he misses and likes them. It's the natural womanly form that we, the ones who live with the vaginas, should embrace.



That's right, I just called Shenanigans.

Seriously, did he even hear himself? First of all, what a lady does to and with her business is exactly that- her business. That right there is a judgment free zone as far as design is concerned.  But beyond the obvious aesthetic arguments I feel the need to call attention to the theory of evolution on this one.

Back in the caveman days our primal lady selves had a lot to deal with. Let's face it, when you're trying to avoid being eaten by Sabertooth Tigers and whatnot, personal grooming doesn't make it to the To Do List. In fact, the only thing on the To Do List is "don't get eaten by the tigers." Not only that, but warmth was a big issue so I must assume, having your own personal vagina warmer was a luxury to be embraced and aesthetics be damned. Totally acceptable.

However, upon some researching of the interweb, it seems that around 1890 the first fully plumbed bathrooms appeared in the houses of the well to do. Prior to that, only hotels were furnished with the highest of luxuries - indoor water closets. This time period, when Americans were first learning about the magic of plumbing, is also when I believe the clock began to tick its way toward the inevitable demise of the need for nature's little bits and pieces warmer.

As modern plumbing moved forward along with all sorts of other delightful hygiene-related items such as bathtubs and our modern idea of bathing, the lady-fro was off the radar. Nobody was worrying about that with garbage and human waste creating all sorts of awful conditions in the streets. Once indoor plumbing became common in the cities of the early 1900's it steadily began to spread throughout the country eventually bringing us to today when a house without indoor plumbing won't be found anywhere except off the beaten path far off the grid of modern living.

Why talk about this now? Because I got a new razor that's why. It's the Venus with Oil of Olay moisturizing and it is awesome. However, it made me think about this whilst I was grooming. It reminded me of the time my vagingo saved my life when I used it to help me cool down my system in intense heat. If I didn't have a neatly trimmed lady area who knows what could have happened? And by the way - let's talk about basic comfort. Ventilation is our friend. Who doesn't love a fresh breeze in the naughty zone? It's nice. It's refreshing. It may even make the difference between falling asleep at your desk and feeling awake, alert, and fresh as a daisy.

If human beings were able to evolve from monkeys into the standing monuments to sexiness we are today, why is it so far-fetched for grooming to evolve as well? I don't know about you all, but what happens as far as my lady business goes is nobody's concern but mine. If I want to va-jazzle it, shave my initials into it, grow it out and cornrow it, that's nobody's issue but mine and maybe I'll let my hubby drop a note into the suggestion box on occasion. Nobody tells this gal how to manage my V-style!

Did you think I was making up the term Vagazzle? 

Coming out just in time for Christmas 2012

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  1. "va-jazzle" - Love it!! Lol! Great blogging Erin! And on a topic that some of us (just me?) would feel a little shy discussing. ~ Cindy A.