Friday, August 24, 2012

Cooties - don't get 'em.

It's been a good week. Until today. When my immune system crashed out after living with Jacob's plague all week. I thought I was good, safe even, because I have an immune system that is Ti-tan-i-um. Gangster. I work with kids, I get exposed to every germ from every town and school district in a 50 mile radius. Seriously. People come from far and wide to get a piece of this wisdom.

Alas. I can only fight off regular viruses and this one is clearly some kind of super strain of evil suckage. Good thing I work across the street from CVS where I was able to get supplies after leaving work today. My cocktail for wellness is a must-have when I don't feel well.
Orange juice and Canada Dry Ginger Ale mixed together. More OJ than Ginger Ale for extra Vitamin C. This combo has been with me since childhood. My mom must have taught it to me but I have no idea if my sister or brother still use it.  I suspect this may have been a genius sneaky move by my mom to get us to drink more orange juice as kids when we had colds or something. Whatever, it's delicious and I believe it has magical healing powers.

As a kid my mom had a series of wellness remedies. I'm not totally sure where they came from but there was definitely some kind of French Canadian spin on things. First of all, I was never a soup eater when I was kid. Unless that soup was my grandmother's chicken and rice soup which we referred to as "Memere Soup." Memere is pronounced Mem-may and is the Frenchie version of grandmother. Anyway, she made good soup. I liked it. But I would only eat it with whole or diced canned tomatoes in it. The juice was the most important part but the tomato chunks were okay too. Alongside the soup we always had Saltines. Not just when we were sick but every day. We would eat them with butter smeared on them, we would crumble them into the soup, and when we were sick we would do both of those things as well as just eat them because they were the only thing we never threw up.

Clearly, all of these remedies worked because I am still here. Alive and kicking. Well, actually, today I'm just alive and phlegm-tastic, but whatever. I survived childhood didn't I? Anyway, who's coming over to make me soup?

Soup! Soup! Soup!
Come make me some!

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