Saturday, August 25, 2012

Monsoon Wedding

Today is my and Jacob's first wedding anniversary. In honor of that I thought it would be appropriate to share the magical tale of our wedding.

We got engaged in October of 2010 when I stumbled upon a gorgeous ring in Jacob's underwear drawer. And by "stumbled upon" I mean I was putting his underwear away and saw the box. Alas, my radar for shiny objects simply couldn't ignore this treasure trove of sparkly goodness. So I kind of ruined any chance of a romantic proposal. I guess I'm just not meant to have a flash mob or string quartet choreograph any proposals. Not in this lifetime at least.

I honestly didn't care about the lack of panache, I was just happy to be engaged to my Jacob. I suspect this is what it's supposed to feel like. Just happy and glowey and all that lovey stuff my tiny little black heart usually scorns.

Neither one of us wanted a big wedding. I had already had one and was basically phobic of wedding dresses and giant cakes by that point and neither of us felt the need to spend thousands of dollars on a big fancy affair. We had summer vacation plans to visit Ogunquit, Maine and about two weeks before we were due to leave decided that Maine would make a lovely back drop for a wedding. Initially it was going to be just the two of us but at the end of the day, we just couldn't not invite our closest friends and family members.

So, we had 16 intrepid wedding guests who were incredibly kind enough to re-arrange their entire lives to be with us. We had a vision - picnic and beach day! We kept it classy and ordered some giant sandwiches with all the fixins. We found a beach (thanks Wells!) where we were able to have the dogs with us because they were our wedding party. We found a super nice Justice of the Peace named Judy who helped us find a shop to get some flowers and when she called Jacob "James" at the end of the ceremony it was more funny than anything else.

Paulie and Remy  in their wedding finery.

When we found out there was a 90% chance of rain, we were kind of freaked. Sure, there was a gazebo at the beach but who wants to hang out in a gazebo in the pouring rain? The place we were staying at in Ogunquit was owned by 2 fabulous gentlemen - Scott and Bruce at The Gazebo Inn - they are incredible and it's an insanely nice place - highly recommended! Anyway, we ran to them and told them of our plight and they offered us the use of one of their properties for FREE. Seriously - these guys are amazing human beings and they gave me such comfort knowing that we had a Plan B and it wouldn't break the bank.

The umbrella is not a prop. It's a necessity.
Our brave photographer - Shane - didn't let the rain slow him down! I'll let the pics speak for themselves - it was a beautiful, messy celebration of a day. Kind of perfect actually.
Our entire group! Notice - my dog is the only tool not looking at the camera.
Our first smooch as a married couple!
World's smallest wedding cake.
Yeah - we're sexy and we know it!


  1. Erin, so cute! I love how these pics came out, it's so "you guys". XOXO - Julie Walker

    1. Thanks Julie! I love those pics - they always make my day! Hugs!