Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Maine Vaca!

The jetty - fun to climb on and stand in front of!

When we were kids we were incredibly lucky to be able to go on vacation for a week every summer. We went to one of two places - Cape Cod or Pine Point Beach in Scarboro, Maine. Both destinations were awesome but I think we went to Maine more because when I'm there now as an adult I have strong memories and attachments. My parents rented a house in Scarboro this summer and Jacob and I were able to go stay with them for a couple days. It's hard that one of my favorite places on earth isn't exactly Jacob's cup of tea. He grew up in and around Mystic, CT on the shore in a beach community so purposely seeking out the touristy mecca that is the Maine coastline wouldn't be his first choice for vacation. I, however, insisted upon it and like the good sport that he is, he voluntarily stayed with my parents and me for a couple days. Here are some highlights from Erin & Jacob: Conquering Southern Maine 2012.

We went on a whale watch. It was really fun to ride on the boat in the choppy ocean water. Kind of like riding the mechanical bull but wetter and with people throwing up a lot. Jacob was incredibly nauseous so spent most of the time at the back of the boat praying he didn't upchuck. I spent most of the time at the front because I don't get seasick and think it's fun to ride the waves. Sadly, we have dubbed this adventure Fail Watch because not only did we see ZERO whales despite four hours of nausea and cold we didn't even see a freaking seal. It was a reasonably fun boat ride but overall, two thumbs down for sea sickness without whale goodness.

Not a whale in sight. But I'm on a boat! And I see another boat! Wee!

Water temp: 65 lovely refreshing degrees
 This is the beach - it's huge! As kids we would play here for hours and hours - no undertow to worry about and plenty of stuff to look for and throw - at each other or into the water. Sand castles were also attempted. But mostly we just dug holes and freaked each other out with seaweed.

Of course, food is one of the best things about vacation in Maine. Just in case you're wondering about the market price of lobster in Maine right now - it's about $3.50/pound. That's right. It's at best $6-$7/pound everywhere else. Nom nom nom....

Only on vacation is an ice cream cone bigger than my head considered totally acceptable.

We arrived in the rain which was kind of a bummer because all I really wanted to do was go walk on the beach and give myself a sand pedicure for my feeties. Mother Nature, however, hooked us up and stopped pouring and gave us a special present!
Interior Design is a whole other thing here. Yes.
This is a lobster lamp. Hand beaded according to the sticker.

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