Thursday, August 30, 2012

Legitimate Rape?

Apparently, we're still struggling with the definition of rape. Despite statistic upon statistic stating that "stranger rape" (i.e. the made for TV idea of rape), is actually not that common. We have known for decades that date rape is the most common form of sexual assault. Much like every other crime, the odds of being attacked, murdered, raped, stalked, etc. by a stranger are minimal. Chances are, the assailant is someone you know and have agreed to spend time with.

Not body parts.
Yes. There is a difference.

Republican Todd Aiken's FB photo
Todd Aiken, a Republican, has defended his "No abortions EVER" policy by stating, "legitimate rape" rarely causes pregnancy.

The interview made headlines after Jaco asked Akin about his "no exceptions" policy on abortion. Akin responded that pregnancy from rape is "really rare," and added that, “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."   - for more info.

The idea that carrying a baby to term as the result of rape is no better when the attacker is a stranger versus if the attacker is known by the victim. Bringing a child into the world as the result of a criminal violation should be 100% the decision of the victim. Period. Forcing a woman to endure an unwanted pregnancy is equivalent to rape itself.

My thoughts on this - and I have about a million but I'll keep it brief - are as follows. It may sound crazy but I liken date rape or rape perpetuated through drugging the victim with "date rape drugs" to an alien attack. Seriously. Hear me out.

We've all seen movies where innocent humans are abducted by aliens, usually while they're asleep. So imagine you're in bed. You go to sleep and when you awaken, something is bad. Something is very wrong. Your body doesn't feel right. You look around and are shocked to see your pajamas have been roughly removed and you...feel a soreness. Something you've never felt before and have no memory of what would cause this sensation. You straighten out your pj's as best you can and try to get up but when you do that odd sensation gets bigger and becomes painful. Something is very, very wrong.

Something inside of you is screaming. You realize it's your own voice in your head. You start to shake as you try to make sense of the blackness in your memory. You know something happened, you know your body has been violated, assaulted, but all you have is nothingness in the spot where memory belongs.

You know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you have been violated in the most sacred of spaces. You notice it's surprisingly cold in your room, when you look up you notice, finally a perfect circle of a hole through the roof. Above it, you see something shiny. Holy shit - a UFO? What the...huh??

And then it hits you - you have been abducted by aliens and...Probed. Hard. With no thought or care to you as a person. You are just a body that has been used and abused by an outside source for pleasure or research or heck - fun even!

You never agreed to this. You were just spending time with friends per usual. Except this time, there was an alien hiding in the crowd waiting for his chance to select and pounce on an unsuspecting victim. And pounce he did. And he made sure, you would have little to no memory of the event. But your body knows. Your body remembers. Your body is crying out for comfort and safety.

By the way, if you somehow get pregnant with an alien baby, that's your problem. Clearly your uterus and company did not get the memo about how pregnancy doesn't happen with "legitimate rape" due to the lady chemicals and the magical ability your cervix has to determine good, love sperm from bad, bad alien sperm.

Gentlemen, I have one thing to say: Anal Probe.
If it happens to you, it's probably your fault because you drank too much and wore a tight tee-shirt.
And you were fool enough to leave the skylight open.
You're sort of  a slut.

Trusting the wrong person (and being sexy - I'm only half kidding) means you deserve what you get right? Is that it?

Can you blame me?

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