Saturday, November 17, 2012

Aging Gracefully

Confession - I have dealt with acne since high school. The only blessing about it was that it was on my back and chest. Easy to hide. I may not have loved my senior prom dress but that sucker covered me up the way I required. My senior year of college I finally went on Accutane - a terrifying medication that is not only unpleasant to take but comes with horrifying side effects that include alien babies, mood swings, and constant chapped lips. Awful though it was, it worked. I was free at last! Free at last!

Until I turned 30. It was as though my skin had received a memo - time to screw with Erin! Yup, it came back. Not nearly as severe or painful but this was on my face. Well, my jaw lines. I have been fighting it ever since, finally breaking down and buying Proactive which, to my delight, worked quite well! Alas, post-acne scarring and discoloration is something I was unable to solve on my own.

Enter Groupon. There was a deal for a facial that looked pretty good so I went for it. That is how I met Sandra Downie. She is a kick-ass, take no prisoners, medical grade specialist. She also so happens to be incredibly nice and easy to work with.

Just a side note - I think I may have spent too much time in spas because I basically shuck my clothes for any treatment. It's just been ground into me that when you're having a service done they want you to be as accessible as possible. So...I hopped up onto the table and got under the blankets. Poor Sandra. When she came back in she was shocked, amused, and confused. Apparently that piece of cloth laying at the end of the table was a little spa dress thingie. Used to maintain modesty and stuff.

Oh we had a good giggle over that one.

Yesterday I returned for my silk peel. I must say, I was basically clueless as to what Microdermabrasion is. I liked the way it sounded and Sandra said it would be amazing for my skin. Has anyone else done this treatment?

I had no idea the power she was about to unleash on my face. It was awesome. Painful? Meh, a little. Basically, she has a tiny vaccuum (a tiny Dyson, not a wimpy little Dustbuster) to suck out anything and everything in it's path. It felt weird yet satisfying. Like I had super strong lines of tape on my face that she was pulling off.  This is the difference between getting a regular fluffy spa facial,and calling in the National Guard after a skin related natural disaster. Not soft and delicate pampering, but all business, no nonsense face fixing.

Sandra's motto: If you're going to live it up, you've got to Glam it up!

I'm not super glamorous but I do love glowing, scar-free skin!

This is Sandra Downie - go like her Facebook page! Go now! She can help you!

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