Sunday, July 22, 2012

50 Shades of Shamus: Shade 7

Paulie - So. Much. Love.
 It needs to be explained that Shamus has human parents but he also has the equivalent of doggie parents who double as friends to torture with a near non-stop need to chew their faces. This dreamboat here is Paulie. Paulie is a rescue dog from West Virginia. I found him on Petfinder (Is there a pattern to my behavior? I think we both know the answer to that.) Anyway, Paulie has been my bff since 2007 when I got him at 4 months old. So cute. He hadn't grown into his ears yet, it was glorious. He is a little more reserved than the other dogs. I say he follows in my footsteps. (We're both adorable but a bit stand-offish at first.)Initially he wasn't interested in sitting on laps and such. Then Jacob came along and pulled him out of his shell. He's kind of a super mush now and it's awesome. These days, he goes to work with me part-time and spends the rest of his time doing whatever the hell he pleases. Although he initially gave Shamus a chilly reception he has since warmed up and decided to be a role model and snuggle buddy to our small friend.
Remy - Even. More. Love.

Remy was originally Jacob's dog and she remains fully infatuated with him to the point of refusing to sit anywhere but on top of him whenever possible even when directly ordered to stay down! Down! Dammit Remy!
She will simply ignore the orders or, sit on the floor and stare openly and unabashedly at him for minutes upon minutes of time.
If you think Remy is going to share her main squeeze with little punk-ass, are delusional. Remy's nickname is Jelly Jelerson. She does not share the daddy. Remy loves me too. She has a lot of love to go around. She was a pound puppy Jacob rescued from the shelter in his town in 2007 (our dogs so happen to be the same age btw, just a fun fact!) They told him she was "anti-social". Um, this dog will make out with you right now. Remy has so much love in her little pitbull body when she wags her tail her entire back-end wiggles madly to keep up. She has been much warmer to Shamus from the get-go. Except for the sharing of the daddy thing. That's not gonna happen.

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