Thursday, July 19, 2012

50 Shades of Shamus: Shades 2-5

Oh yes, I'm serious about the 50 Shades project. Call it an homage to my love of the trilogy. Despite its so-so writing and high cheese factor, I still approve of lady porn in all its shapes and sizes. And let's face it, cute puppy pictures are their own special brand of porn - not just for the ladies! Come on gentlemen - you know you get all squishy when you see cute puppies!

Here we have the Shamus in his natural habitat of, um, the couch. Note he has captured the trophy of trophies, mommy's hair tie.

 Shamus says, "You want the hair tie? Why don't you make me an offer? I noticed you got a new bag of Beggin' Strips and they really do taste like real bacon...why don't we start there hmmm?"

"No Beggin' Strips? No deal."

Shamus is an evil genius.  But I still wanna cuddle him. All the time.

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