Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Feel the love

Yup. No more complaining. At least for a little while. I had my rant yesterday and it was kind of nice. But I feel it's time to focus on the good things. We all could use a little of that and seriously, I have so much more to be grateful for than I have ever had before, complaining just doesn't seem important right now.

I'm on a quest to see beauty and find joy in unexpected places as well as in places that are well known and possibly even viewed on a hugely public scale. Today I am recognizing why I love competition/reality shows like The Voice, America's Got Talent, and X Factor. (I don't do American Idol, I have to draw the line somewhere.)

I love that on these shows regular people get their moment in the sun. Becoming hugely famous or finding financial success beyond their wildest dreams is only a part of why people participate in these shows. The other part (in my humble opinion at least) is for the sheer joy their art brings them. These shows are typically aired live. So what I'm seeing is exactly what the audience in attendance is experiencing and although being home and separate from that piece requires a bit of adjustment on my part, I still get that thrill of awe when someone does something amazing. There are some hugely talented people out there and the TV gods have figured that out. Dancers, singers, magicians, contortionists, puppetry, comics, dogs, extreme sports,  you name it - they have made their way into my living room and into my consciousness. Seeing is believing. The belief that beauty is everywhere if you look for it is embedded in my soul. You don't even have to look all that hard. But these shows bring it to me on a platter and I soak up the joy and the adrenaline like a thirsty sponge.

I won't deny that at times all of these shows have had a distinct Hunger Games feel to them. Watching contestants being eliminated can be painful. But again, I am absolutely blown away by the heart and class these people show. Even when they have had their hearts broken by making a mistake in their performance, they are truly, deeply, grateful for the experience. It's a wild ride. I don't know if I would have the chops for it. And I'm sure they're coached on what to say but it is their authentic humanity that blows me away. They mean it. They are grateful. They are humble. They shed their tears and nurse hurt feelings but they do so from a place of integrity.
Shockingly, Howard Stern seems to be the most considerate and intelligent judge on America's Got Talent. He was the reason I tuned into the show for the first time and it is largely because of him and Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel that I will continue to watch. They actually seem invested in giving helpful notes to performers and in being honest and compassionate when they know someone will not be making it through to the next round.

I love finding compassion in places least expected. I send out the challenge to all of you who read this blog - make the effort to find the good. Your results will be immediate.

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